***SOLD*** Rare Antique Kerr & Binns Worcester Parian Bust of William Dargan

A rare Kerr & Binns (1852-1862) Parian bust of William Dargan (1799-1867)


A rare Kerr & Binns (1852-1862) Parian bust of William Dargan (1799-1867)

William Dargan designed and built Ireland's first railway line from Dublin to Dún Laoghaire in 1833 and continued to build the railway throughout Ireland. He was responsible for the 1853 Dublin Exhibition & was a friend of William Kerr. It is inscribed to the back 'J E Jones Sc' ' Reduced by B Cheverton' Although there are no makers marks it is well documentated that this bust was produced by W H Kerr & Co / Kerr & Binns, Worcester c.1860

Approx 8 3/4" high

Very good condition - A few black marks, there is a line within the recess of the socle which when examined with a magnifying glass appears to be a flaw in the making.

Ref: (1) UK Belleek Collectors’ Group - October 2005 The Dublin & Worcester Connection -William Henry Kerr, William Dargan and the Development of the Belleek Pottery.  An interesting article about Dargan & his association with W H Kerr, there is also an example of the bust pictured.

(2) Victorian Parian China - Charles & Dorrie Shinn - listed on page 81